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I finally decided to collect some of my interests in a website. With time, I intend to cover futurism, writing, programming, Star Trek, management, aviation, and other subjects that are not too far from my heart.

I was born in Rome (Italy), but spent more than half of my life in other countries (Australia, Switzerland, Germany, France). I studied Physics and my thesis was on high energy Astrophysics, but then worked in the computing industry. I fluently speak four languages, and my mother tongue is Italian, but I feel more comfortable doing most things in English. All in all, my life is full of buts (with one T).

I am an ovo-lacto-vegetarian since January 1st, 1976 (it was a new-year resolution). I am an atheist, but will not try to convince you out of what you believe (or don't believe) unless you attempt to evangelise me.

For those who are interested, this website is mostly written in Java ServerPages (JSP) and uses Tomcat as a web server. It resides on an old Dell PowerEdge 650 resting on a shelf of my garage. The operating system is Linux Fedora.

This website is in permanent work-in-progress state. If you have any suggestions or discover any problem or mistake, please contact me via email. The address is at the bottom of the page. Note that it is an image, because I don't want email-hunting programs to grab it and sell it. You will have to copy it by hand.

I am not a graphic expert and don't want to invest money and time to be able to develop and serve Flash. As a result, this site is everything but flashy (pun intended :-) and animated. In any case, if you don't like it, nobody forces you to visit it! The site is organised in some major categories, reachable by clicking on the corresponding tab in the top-left corner, and a variable number of subcategories, reachable by clicking on the small buttons in the top-right corner.

Writing talks about what I wrote, am writing, and intend to write.
Work is the place where you will find my Curriculum Vitae and other stuff about my [paid] working life.
Crater describes my work on modelling a robot that moves like a caterpillar.
Digits How to improve the security of your website by adding an image with deformed numbers that the visitors needs to type into an input field.
Fisici68 is in Italian because it deals with the people who enrolled to study Physics at the University of Rome (I) in 1968. It is also protected by a password because it contains personal information that should not be made available on the open Internet.
SynerVox tells you about the Swiss Limited company I founded at the end of 2001 and operated from January 2002 till October 2006.
Books holds the list of books I have in my library at home.
Flights lists all the flights I have ever made, with dates, airports, countries, flight numbers, and airplane tail numbers (yes, I have always been a maniac!)
WebMines and Daleks are two applet-based games that I developed more than a decade ago to learn Java. You can play them online and WebMines records all wins. For WebMines I also provide some statistical analysis.
Espertissimi   is in Italian. It is my implementation in Italian of the Expert Exchange site. You can pose questions and receive answers online. Obviously, such a site is useless unless there is enough traffic. I tried to interest some tertiary institutions in Ticino (Switzerland) and Italy to use it as a teaching tool, but without success. My idea was to build up with university students an initial number of members. When I made the site, it was more advanced than EE, because you could attach images to questions and answers, while with EE you could only use plain text.
MacDOS tells the story of the application I wrote to give a DOS-like command line interface to the Macintosh. I know, it might sound crazy, but in the early 90s it made a lot of sense. It would have probably made me a fortune if I had called it MacScript and if the WWW had been around...
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You can contact me at email address .
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